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Information on building repair, maintenance, upgrades, and project management.

Exterior Repair and Maintenance
fisp inspection
Playing It “Safe” with FISP

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on NYC’s Facade Inspection and Safety Program (Local Law 11/98).

Rope Access Facade Inspection
Rope Access Facade Inspections

Rappelling down the sides of buildings, RAND’s facade team can conduct more thorough and accurate inspections.

DOB NOW: Safety
DOB Facade Inspection Reports Now Filed Online

Under a new DOB requirement, New York City Facade Inspection Safety Reports must be submitted online only.

Second Opinion
A Second Engineer's Opinion Saved This Co-op a Bundle

A Bronx co-op saved over half a million dollars after a peer review conducted by RAND.

pooling water on a roof
How to Fix a Roof Leak:
First, Find It

In high-rise apartment buildings, the roofs contain layer upon layer of possible trouble.

A badly repaired roof parapet
Proper Roofing Maintenance

It's more than just the membranes. All roof-level components should be part of a maintenance program.

welding steel
Using the Roof in a Co-op

Rooftop decks, terraces and balconies are wonderful amenities, but proper maintenance and usage guidelines must be followed.

An electrical panel
Managing Electrical Power

Boards must balance residents’ requests for more electrical capacity with the building's needs.

Plumbing Risers
Replacing Plumbing Risers

How a luxury co-op managed the disruptive and expensive upgrade of its aging domestic water system.

A Boiler Diagram
Boiler Maintenance Checklist

Periodic items to get the most out of your building's heating plant.

Fire Sprinkler System
Local Law 26/04: Fire Sprinkler Requirement 

Office buildings 100 feet or taller must be fully sprinklered by 2019. Here’s what property owners and managers need to know.

A Boiler
The Little Engine That . . .

How four boards faced the challenge of repairing, replacing, or retrofitting their boilers.

emergency generator
Emergency Generators

Considerations for having an uninterrupted power source when a disaster hits.

hot radiator
Cooling Down Your
Overheated Apartment

It’s freezing outside, but your apartment is a furnace. Here’s how to turn down the heat.

The stack effect
Old Hallway Vents
Can Pose Dangers

Negative air pressure from the "stack effect" can draw smoke and odors into apartments.

Working on an elevator
Elevator Doors That
Close on People

A rubber retractable door edge will keep the elevator open when the door makes contact.

NYC radiator
3 Things You Need to Know About Your NYC Radiators

Tips on how control, replace, and cover up your radiators.

Energy Efficiency
Heating Plant Inspection
Energy Audit Fact Sheet

An energy audit analyzes how efficiently buildings systems are performing and identifies ways to reduce energy consumption.

Dual Fuel Burner
Converting From
No. 6 Heating Oil

Cleaner fuel options for NYC buildings that must switch from No. 6 heating oil by 2015.

Green Roof Fact Sheet
Green Roof Fact Sheet

The types, costs, and benefits of green roofing systems, and why a feasibility study is recommend before installing one.

NYC Map energy legislation map
New York City's Energy
Efficiency Legislation

New local laws mandate benchmarking, energy audits, and retro-commissioning.

Boiler at 75 Henry St.
NYC Benchmarking Law

Local Laws 84/09 and 133/16 require property owners to submit an annual analysis of energy usage.

Evaluating Pipes
RAND Partners with NYSERDA

RAND help buildings reach performance targets to obtain funding for capital improvements.

Surveys and Inspections
welding steel
Special Inspections
Fact Sheet

The DOB's tighter requirements for Special Inspections apply to most repair projects.

Infrared imagery
Infrared Fact Sheet

A non-destructive diagnostic tool, infrared thermography can detect hidden problems throughout a building.

Construction defects
The Top 7 Construction Defects

New doesn't mean flawless. Leaks and other deficiencies are often found in recently built properties.

A Rand Employee doing a building survey
Learn to Spot Building
Defects Before Buying

Prospective buyers should be aware of common defects in newly constructed condominiums.

The 7 worst places to live
The 7 Worst Places
to Live in a Building

RAND looks at which areas inside a building pose the greatest potential for problems.

Lack of Luxury
Lack of Luxury

RAND’s physical condition survey of the Empire Condominium uncovered a host of defective conditions.

Sued for Report
Africa Israel Sued for Not Disclosing RAND Report

The developer of 20 Pine Street failed to disclose RAND's report, which listed $5.6 million in defects.

Historic Preservation
901 broadway
NYC Landmarks Fact Sheet

A guide to navigating the Landmarks Preservation Commissions permitting process.

a NY Gargoyle
Funding Assistance
for Historic Properties

Grants, loans, and tax credits are available for owners restoring historic properties in New York.

Historic Terra Cotta
Return to Glory on
the Upper West Side

Restoring the decorative terra cotta facade of a prewar co-op revived its architectural character.

Window replacement
Window Replacement
in an Historic District

New aluminum casement units preserved the style of the originals with improved performance.

Architectural Design
CAD Floor Plans
Review of Proposed Apartment Alterations

Plans to renovate an apartment must first be reviewed by an engineer or architect.

Working on a scaffold
Making an Entrance Accessible

What changes must a landlord make to lobby steps to accommodate people with disabilities?

Project Planning and Management
A rand Shed sign
8 Steps to a
Successful Project

Liquidated damages, retainage, and six other things to minimize construction problems.

A Rand conference
Don't Fall Short with
Long-term Planning

Avoid emergency repairs and expenses with a preventative maintenance program.

a repair budget
Establishing a Reliable
Repair Budget

Itemizing anticipated funding requirements gives building owners greater repair options.

A RAND employee doing an audit.
Altering Your Building: Not Just an Ordinary Facelift

Major projects can turn into major headaches if not done with the help of licensed professionals.

A Rand Engineer Inspecting a facade
The Role of the

Common misconceptions that strain the partnership between a board and its engineer/architect.

Is "Subcontractor" Really
a Dirty Word?

Sometimes hiring subcontractors is not only appropriate but advisable—with precautions.

Local Law 11/98 Archive (6th Cycle and Earlier)
Working on a scaffold
Dismantling the Scaffolding

Staggered deadlines for NYC Local Law 11/98 offer a more realistic timetable for conducting inspections and filing reports.

A window lintel
A Little Leeway on
Facade Repairs

An alternative filing program gives building owners some breathing room with facade inspections.

Damaged terra Cotta
Facade-Report Time,
With a Difference

Repair and maintenance items from previous inspections cannot be carried over to the next cycle.

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